Professional And Fast Services We Provide to the Kingston, Brockville, Belleville, Trenton, Napanee, Cobourg, Gananoque, Perth, Smith Falls and surrounding areas

Hydraulic Hand, Ring and Flush Saws

Whether it is a door, an opening, or a trench let our team of professionals be the first to help with your next project with our equipment of hydraulic saws.

Diesel and Electric Slab Saws

Our slab saws make quick work of those projects that may have more floor cutting or perhaps more space. Great for trenches, slab removal, roads and bridges. Give us a call and let our professional team see if this is the best option for you. 

Hydraulic and Electric Wall Saws

Our wall saws give the opportunity to do those jobs thats might not be best suited for the Hydraulic Hand Saws. 

Our Hydraulic wall saw now uses Eco Friendly Hydraulic oil and can cut up to 26" thick 

Hydraulic and Electric Core Drilling

We have a wide range of coredrills that can definitely get the job done. We can do anything from dryer vent holes to large man holes.

If you need a hole, let us be the first professionals that help you through your project.  

The core sizes we offer are;

1" through 28"

Call us first for fast professional service.   

Curb Cutting

Would you like to make your driveway wider or remove section of sidewalk on a bridge? With the business expanding we are proud to add a curb cutting service.

GPR Scanning

Are you looking for a conduit, pipe, or even rebar? Let our professionals help you locate what you are trying to find in concrete. 

Infrared Scanning